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How to download?


The reason you need to complete a survey to download our files is that it’s the only way for us to keep our files on premium, encrypted and safe servers to make sure you’ll always have access to them. We’ve all seen what happened to free services like megaupload – they’re risky. Besides we earn a few cents from every survey you complete and this gives us motivation and allows us to keep on uploading more stuff for you. One thing we have to point out – the advertisers DO NOT store any data you put in the survey. Besides, you complete them for HUGE companies like APPLE – they’re trustworthy, right?

Here are a few tips for you on how to complete a survey (please read it all if you’re struggling, don’t skip any parts):

1) The advertisers can detect if you use fake details like ‘gffgd’ as a name and you won’t be able to proceed. That’s why you have to use your real name, address etc. or if you’re not confident with putting that information there, use a website like in order to generate a very legit looking (this is really important!) identity for yourself, including a name, an address etc. You can use all the information this website gives you when completing a survey EXCEPT the e-mail address. You have to use your real and working e-mail address when completing a survey or else it won’t work! Don’t worry, you won’t get any spam.

2) Always use your real mobile phone number, also a little extra tip - the easiest surveys to complete are the one’s where you put your mobile number and receive a PIN on it that you put on the survey website in order to confirm it. It literally takes a few seconds! unfortunately this is not available in all countries but we highly recommend that option for people of: France, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Spain and more..

3) If you’re using an ad-blocking software like AdBlock or AdBlock Plus, please disable it while completing a survey as some of them will not work if you’ve got an adblocker.

4) Make sure your browser has cookies enabled. It is enabled in all browsers by default so if you haven’t manually disabled it – don’t worry, it’s on.

5) Allow each page to fully load before proceeding.

6) Sometimes after completing a survey you need to wait a few minutes before the content unlocks, this is because  some advertisers don’t immediately send the information about your survey being completed.

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